Many restaurants will have or do the following:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Promote on Facebook and other social platforms
  • Run competitions
  • Free birthday meals

But in this article i'm going to give you some different ideas for you to think about. You might use them or they might spark an idea for your business, either way, i'm sure you'll enjoy them.


Let's Talk Business

If you're wanting to encourage business/corporate diners why not offer free unlimited tea/coffee with a lunchtime meal ordered from your menu. Everyone loves a freebie, and some lunch meetings go on for a good few hours if not all afternoon. I don't know about you, but realistically I don't think many people could drink more than 2 cups of coffee before they wanted a cold drink, which obviously would be paid for and not included in the offer. Meaning extra income for you and what's the cost of a teabag if your footfall and food sales are increasing?




Are you child friendly?

Most children love to get their hands dirty in the kitchen and use the latest kitchen gadgets while helping Mum or Dad with the cooking. Why don't you send an email out once a month with your menu of the month, promote your menu on your social media channels, but lead people to a landing page where they have to sign up to your subscriber list before they can download it. You could also go that one step further and give a reward to the children if they cook/bake the menu. For example: if they post a photo of the food they have cooked on your Facebook page, they get a free meal or free ice cream next time they visit you. By doing this they will be pestering Mum and Dad to go as they'll want their free ice cream.

I'm Here!

Offer an incentive to your diners if they check in on Facebook, or post a photo of their meal tagging your restaurant in on the post. They are bound to have a ton of friends on Facebook that would see it. No doubt you can think of a time when you've been scrolling through Facebook, and seen that a friend checked in to a restaurant you've not been to before, and before the day is out, you've planned to go the week after. I know I've certainly done it, especially when there have been photos posted where the food looks amazing! The incentive doesn't have to be big, it could just be a free drink or 10% off their food order. Just remember, whoever manages your social media make sure they respond and share the post a day or two later, after all it's extra content for your social channels.


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