Marketing ideas for retail businesses

It’s busy keeping up with the day to day running of your retail business, so finding time to market sometimes just doesn’t seem like something you can do. But Marketing is a must so we hope you can benefit from these Marketing ideas for retail businesses

Marketing is a must for any business, and you may not think it but, you will be marketing all the time. Your retail store is marketing and so is your website. However, nowadays we can’t just rely on customers walking into the shop, or stumbling upon your website, we need to drive them there and somewhat paint them a yellow brick road.

We have put together these marketing ideas for retail businesses, and the best bit is, you can use them right away.

We have broken these down into digital and traditional, and for most of the ideas below the only outlay will be your time to implement them. These ideas are for retail businesses as a whole, if you would like some ideas that are specific to your business contact us and we’ll send you some custom ideas just for you.


Let’s keep up with the times and dive into digital.


If you don’t have a website by now…. Why not? A website is your 24/7 shop, and while you’re enjoying time with your family, friends or even sleeping, you could be missing out on enquiries and potential customers. You don’t have to be an e-commerce business to have a killer website, but you will be missing out if you don’t have one. Some ideas to maximise your website are:

  • Add free downloads
  • Add blog updates
  • Add videos
  • Add call’s to actions (CTA)
  • Add your social icons and links
  • Add contact forms
  • Regularly add new items and deals
  • Add sale items


Social media:

Bottom line, social media isn’t going anywhere, so if you’re not using it for your business, you are missing out on new customers. Now most of us know of the top social media platforms, these include; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. However, they might not all be suitable for your type of business, so be sure to consentrate on the accounts you will be updating because having an account and not using it will do more damage than not having one at all if you can’t keep it updated. Of course you could always outsource. Here are some ideas on how you can use social media are:

  • New stock images
  • Share videos
  • Share testimonials and reviews
  • Promote special offers
  • Top tips
  • Style ideas if you’re a clothing or fashion retailer
  • How to posts and videos
  • Local news/events


Paid advertising:

There are so many options when it comes to paid advertising, but let’s talk about the popular two, Google and Facebook. With Google, it’s almost like an auction as you will be bidding for an advertising spot using keywords. If you’re going to look into this, I would recommend that you head over to YouTube and check out some videos. And make sure that you send people to the right landing page. Some paid advertising ideas you could do are:

  • Free downloads
  • Discount codes
  • Competitions


Email marketing:

Don’t be scared off with the new GDPR legislation, it would benefit you to read up on the GDPR rules and once you have here are some ideas on how you can use email marketing.

  • If you have weekly, fortnightly or monthly new stock arrivals, send out a new stock updates.
  • Give you email database an incentive and open sales and discounts to the database 24 hours before the general public.
  • Be sure to diarise and send out special events and seasonal emails such as Christmas, Easter, Valentines and Halloween.
  • Send out special offers and discount codes.
  • Share top tips


Traditional Marketing

With all the excitement, hype and things to do around digital marketing, you might not think you need to use traditional marketing anymore. However you could be missing a thing or two.


Keep Your local paper updated with all your business successes, or have a go at putting together your own press release and send it in. Those that read the paper will see you article, and the best part is, this type of PR doesn’t cost you, apart from your time. Some articles you write about include:

  • Business milestones
  • Welcoming new staff
  • Staff milestones
  • Business achievements
  • Business awards and nominations
  • Business collaborations
  • Charitable events, fundraising and donations



Coupons are a great marketing tactic and it’s easy to measure. If you’re retail business has certain dips throughout the year, you could run a coupon campaign to drive interest. Some ideas include:

  • Giving away a freebie with a purchase
  • Discount above a certain amount of spend
  • - Cross-promotional


Leaflet drops:

I can’t really remember the last time I had a leaflet through my door, that wasn’t a takeaway menu, but I do organise leaflet drops for clients and they do still prove to be very effective when done right. Some ideas include:

  • Discounts voucher
  • Promoting a sale
  • Promote new products
  • Promote a charitable collaboration
  • Special offer
  • Freebie with certain purchase's

Obviously, to properly measure the results, you’ll need to ensure that people bring in the flyer to redeem what it is you’re promoting.


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