Marketing ideas for car dealerships.

Whether you’re a new or used car dealer you have fierce competition and you need to stay in the fast last lane when it comes to your dealership marketing. We have put together 10 dealership marketing ideas that will help fill your marketing calendar. These dealership marketing ideas need to be consistent and regular to be successful. Always make sure you have a marketing strategy, and plan your marketing using a marketing calendar so you can keep a record and keep track of your dealership marketing activities and campaigns. To start or increase your dealership marketing activity click here.

10 Dealership Marketing Ideas

If the marketing for your dealership needs to go up a gear, here are 10 simple yet creative ways to keep a steady flow of leads and marketing activity happening for your dealership. You do need to be consistent and we would suggest having a dedicated person looking after your marketing and social media and if you don't have anyone, we can help you from just £25 a week. Find out more.

1. Embrace video

Showcasing your car stock with images is great but, why not introduce video? Set some time aside 1-2 times a week for video and show people round the car, show off the features and talk about the car. You could go one further and take the car out for a test drive while recording and give people feedback on how it drove and what type of person the car would suit.

2. Utilise social media

If you are not on social media, why not? It’s a great platform for you to be showcasing your dealership offers. Remember not to saturate your social media with car’s, cars and more car’s. Not all your followers will be in the market to buy right now, so use your social media in a way so you keep your audience engaged and up to date with relevant news, hint’s tips and so on. If you are looking for some creative ways to use social media, why not arrange a meeting with us. If you don’t have the time, click here to find out how we can help you for just £25 a week.

3. Launch a blog

There is no doubt you have a large audience that you can reach but, not everyone is in the market to buy from you. So, you need to make sure you are at the forefront of their mind so that when they are ready, they immediately think of you. Running a regular blog is one way to not only drive traffic to your website, but also a great way to get people engaged with your brand. Let’s say you launch a new blog each week sharing information people wanted to know about. You could write about recent cars, best car maintenance tips, how to’s, special offers, which local petrol stations are the cheapest on fuel, car accessories, test drive car reviews to name a few. Obviously, we have a ton more up our sleeve so contact us if you want a creative meeting.

4. All singing all dancing website

Your website is your 24/7 shop front, is it user friendly? No doubt you will already have a mobile friendly website, if not you really need to get this sorted as a priority. Google will rate others in your industry higher, if they have a mobile friendly site and you don’t. Don’t just rely on your web developer to create a website for you and expect it to be perfect, you need to test it out and make sure it works how websites in your industry should. Make sure you take the website visitor experience test across all devices. In 2016, 62% used their mobile to search for a car. If people visit your website on their mobile, tablet, PC or laptop is it easy to use? Are photos easy to view, do you have good CTA’S (call to actions) is everything clear and where you would expect it to be? Ask some of your team to search as a potential buyer and reflect on their recommendations and user experience. Studies show that the attention span of a human is less than that of a goldfish. If a goldfish was visiting your website, you would have just 9 seconds to grab their attention. However, for humans it is between 6-8 seconds! But, if they can’t use your site with ease they will leave, and you would have lost them as a lead.

5. Send monthly newsletters

If you don’t already do this, you are missing out on connecting with potential leads. Sending a newsletter once a month gives you the opportunity to connect with leads and reconnect with previous buyers. You could segment your newsletter and be more targeted in what you send to what audience. You could include invitations to special events, offer referrals, run a monthly competition, share some good business news and of course promote your latest showroom cars and deals. There is so much you can do with your newsletter but be sure to make it interesting. After all, you still want people to read an engage with it, even if they are not in the market to buy right now.

6. Promote your testimonials

There is no doubt that good reviews, testimonials and word of mouth is the best type of marketing. So why is it when businesses get a testimonial from a happy customer,  they are left in a file, in your inbox or written in the thank you card. Testimonials make you feel great when you get them and are a true testament of your hard work, but why stop there, share them so your potential customers can see what a great company you are. Share them across your social media, on your website or even on the car adverts on your website. People need to know how pleasant it was to buy from your dealership. Car dealerships carry the “Pushy salesman” stigma, so promote your customer testimonials that rave about how happy they were buying from you.

7. Email Marketing

Dealerships must have huge databases full of prospects, past customers, enquiries and showroom visitors, but what are you doing with that data? Is it just sitting there in a CRM system or excel document or are you targeting these segments? After a customer has bought from you, incorporate an email marketing process, so after 1 month they get a follow up email from you, and of course ask for a referral in exchange for a gift voucher or a bottle of wine. For those customers that bought from you more than 12 months ago, send them a special offer so that they come back to upgrade. All prospects should be included in an email marketing process or cycle, tempt them with a 1 day demo in the car they were looking at or send them some information about the car they were interested in such as running costs, cheapest place to fill up in the area, insurance company list (if you are like me and you like to "deal local" send a list a local insurance brokers) and best alternatives. 

8. Launch events and open days

A great way to get people in your showroom is have event. This could be a car launch with drinks and nibbles, it could be a special offer weekend, a free car wash or a charity event. Don’t get swamped with the whole planning of the event that you forget why you are holding the event. Organising any kind of event is hard work but remember you are holding it to generate leads and sales. Make sure your whole team know what roles they need to play and have a process, so you obtain all attendees contact details for future marketing. If you need help with planning an event, click here to find out how we can help.

9. Referrals

Introduce a great referral program. For those that have bought from you, offer them a discount or free MOT if they recommend a friend. Build business relationships with driving schools, and ask them to give their learners a voucher for your dealership in return for excellent rates on their tutoring cars.

10. Direct Marketing

Still to this day, direct marketing can deliver killer results. Of course you need to plan and fully execute and follow up the campaign. Think of areas near your dealership and the type of customers that already buy from you. Is there a certain area in your city where your customers come from? Pick 1-2 areas to target and send out postcards with well thought out messages on or send out letters with fridge magnets, toy keys and vouchers offering a free test drive or limited time limited to get people through your door. Those that don’t attend or contact you send them a follow up with a second chance offer.

If you want some custom ideas just for your dealership, we do offer an exclusivity deal whereby we won't work for your direct competitors. All our creative ideas we come up with for your dealership will only be used at your dealership. Contact us on 01472 289541 or email to arrange a meeting.