There are few businesses nowadays that haven't grabbed the bull by the horns yet when it comes to social media for their business. However, there are a high number of businesses that have set up social accounts and done nothing with them.

You should use social media as part of your overall business strategy and goals. Social media is a great way to build brand awareness, generate leads/sales, drive traffic to your website and make connections. However, choosing which social media accounts to take part in can be a task in itself. Not only this, but you will need to ensure you have sufficient time to manage your chosen accounts, however you can get help with social media management if you don't have the time.

To help you decide which social media channels to use in your business ask yourself these questions.

What is your social media strategy objectives? Is it brand awareness, is it to generate B2B leads? If you're a B2B business then LinkedIn is an amazing tool to help facilitate this.

What social channels do your target audience use?

What social channels do your competitors use?

How many channels do you feel you can manage?

Our recommendations.

If you're a B2B service provider business, without a doubt, you need to be on LinkedIn, your team too. You and your team combined should each have a LinkedIn profile which links to your company page. If you are not outsourcing management of your social media, encourage your team to spend time weekly on connecting with people, joining relevant groups. Of course, before you encourage this, be sure to have a social media policy in place to protect yourself should an employee leave. We would also recommend taking on a Facebook page and maybe run some paid ads to attract your target audience to your page, and finally Twitter. Twitter offer regular Twitter Hours, which are online networking hours. This is a fantastic platform to use to engage with other businesses during these online networking hours.

If you're a B2B business that sells products, we recommend much the same as above. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, We would also recommend Pinterest and Instagram too. When you're looking for inspiration or looking for ideas or products, a lot of people will scroll through Instagram or search Pinterest. Both of these platforms are image-based platforms, so if you have products to sell, get snapping those pics and get them online.

If you're a B2C product business, we recommend the same as above. However, depending on how confident and comfortable you are you should also consider taking this to the next level and introduce regular live streaming too. Facebook and Twitter offer great tools to do this and live streaming together with images and videos of your products will get your products out there.

If you want to discuss what options you could do with your business social media, perhaps you want some ideas specific to your industry, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Please call 01472 289541 or email

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