Free Social Media Tools

We have put this blog together to share with you just some of the free social media tools you have available to you. While we all know how important social media is as part of our overall marketing strategy, it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to finding the right tools.

The type of tools you can get are endless. From social researching tools, scheduling tools, reporting tools, video making tools, image making tools, infographic tools and much more. And you can imagine, equipping yourself with all the tools you need can soon add up pretty quickly, and not everyone has a huge budget. So we're going to share with you some free tools we do/have used so that you can start using these free social media tools today.

The tools we have listed are ones that we have tested and used ourselves. If you are looking for tools more advanced or you are looking for a specific type of tool, feel free to contact us as there aren't many tools out there worth knowing, that we don’t already know about.

Let’s kick the free social media tools blog by getting things visual. We all know a picture tells a thousand words, but sometimes we want to post more than just a photo.

Image maker:

There are tons of image making tools available, including features on some mobile phones. Many tools are available on desktop and as an app so be sure to scout them out and get the one that is right for you. One tool that we have used, before getting something more custom, was Piktochart. This tool allows you to create great graphics for a variety of social and online purposes. You can also create infographics, banners, charts and more so this is definitely one to check out.

Video makers:

Making videos’ doesn’t need to cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. There are loads of tools to try out, just scroll through your Google Play or App Store. Obviously, there is one tool that pretty much everyone has at their disposal, which is the camera on your mobile phone. A tool that we use (however we do have the enterprise version) is Filmora. It is a fantastic tool, you can make a video with images and videos, you can add overlays, themes, text and more. This is definitely one to look at if you are wanting to do videos.


Buzzsumo is a brilliant tool for finding great content in your industry. Buzzsumo searches the internet and pulls together a list of content relating to the search term you have used. Buzzsumo is an enterprise solution and can be costly, but they do offer a trial of all their plans. You are able to use minimal features and search for limited content for free. You can do this by simply visiting their website and searching for what you are looking for. You will see results and you will get some good results but please bear in mind this will be limited.



Now that you have great content, great images, and awesome videos to share with your audience, it’s time to start scheduling. There are loads of free tools available to facilitate social scheduling. Some are limited to the number of scheduled posts, some are limited when it comes to the reporting features, some are limited to the number of accounts you can connect so it is worth writing down all the features you know you want, so you can cross-reference them with the tools you are looking at. A tool we would recommend you check out is Hootsuite. It offers a range of features that are free and if you need to upgrade they have very good packages and good rates. We have first-hand experience of Hootsuite as it was the tool we used when we first set-up Pink Jacket Marketing.


You’ve worked hard to design great images, videos and share great content, it's now time to see how your efforts are doing. Let’s take a look at, reporting.

Now while there are loads of tools available, and indeed there are reporting tools available on many scheduling tools, there is nothing better than "hearing it from the horse's mouth" so to speak and use the free tools you get with your social media accounts. Did you know, that some reporting features you get with your scheduling tool, will only report on the content you share through the tool itself. Meaning, that the content you post directly to your accounts will not be included in the reports they give to you. Be sure to check on this before solely relying on the reporting feature you may get with your scheduling tool. So our recommendation is to use the social accounts reporting features.

Final words:

We hope this has given you a few ideas on what tools you can use at no cost. If you do have a budget or want to take a look at the tools we recommend every social media marketer should have click here.


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