While there are many claims on the ‘best’ time of day to post on Facebook, the fact of the matter is, it’s different for each and every business. As an agency, we manage many Facebook pages for our clients, and no two are the exact same when it comes to the ‘best’ time to post on Facebook.

Now, of course, there are ‘Best time slots’ to post. For example in a study carried out by Hootsuite, the best time slot to post is between 12pm and 3pm. Now for some businesses, this would be the best time, but it won’t be for everyone.

To ensure you’re always hitting your audience at the best times, we would recommend you test and measure. There are many tools available that can help you do this, including Facebook itself. Spend a few weeks or maybe even a month posting at different times of the day and see what response you get. Also, be sure to give consideration to the type of content you are sharing along with the type of audience you are trying to reach. For example; if your target market is business owners, then posting during the day is probably not the best time to post.

Below we have put a table together that lists the ‘best time’ to post based on general studies, and we have also included a column of our findings while managing many Facebook pages in a variety of industries.

Day General Studies Our Findings
Monday 12pm – 3pm 6am – 8am then 6pm – 9pm
Tuesday 12pm – 1pm 6am – 7am then 7pm – 9pm
Wednesday 12pm – 3pm 6am - 7am then 3pm – 6pm
Thursday 12pm – 3pm 6am – 8am then 6pm – 9pm
Friday 12pm – 3pm 6am – 8am then 3pm – 5pm
Saturday 12pm – 1pm No real pattern
Sunday 12pm – 1pm 12pm – 3pm


We hope you enjoyed this article. We would highly recommend you test and measure your own Facebook pages and not rely totally on our findings and those general studies. If you do need any help with managing your social media please contact us.

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