Get your fix, with hashtags for everyday of the week. There are hundreds used on social media, so we’ve put together a selection of the most popular to help you. You may already know of some or in fact use some yourself already.

If you fancy a challenge, use a different hashtag everyday for a week and tag us (@ThePinkJacket) and we’ll #Retweet you.



Popular hashtags for the whole week


Now you’re equipped with all these ideas, you’ll never be stuck for what to use. Team images with your hashtag and be mindful of what social platforms you’re using them on, hashtags are not suppose to be used on all social media platforms.

It might be an idea to work some hashtags into your weekly or monthly marketing planner or social media planner. If you would like our social media marketing planner template, for yourself so that you can plan your tweets, posts image types and hashtags, email

Engage with others, use the social media platform’s search bar to search the hashtag and see what other people are saying and sharing, engage in conversation, share content you like and maybe you will get ideas on how else you can use the hashtag.

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