Marketing for Insurance Companies

We live in a fast-changing world and as insurance companies, you are going to face many challenges including regulatory developments, interest rate risks and fierce competition, but marketing shouldn’t be one of them.

Adopting technology is no longer an option, it essential! Did you know that 84% of people expect you to be on Facebook? And just having a Facebook page isn’t enough, you need to show that you are active otherwise it’s like having a shop that is never open.

While you look after those all-important deals, attend appointments to close deals, send proposals and search for the best rates for your customers, let Pink Jacket Marketing look after the marketing for your insurance company. You can benefit from:

  • Having your own marketing department,
  • Daily marketing activities being carried out on your business,
  • Unique marketing campaigns planned especially for your business,
  • A constant flow of content,
  • Increased business leads,
  • Increased traffic,
  • Complete social media management,
  • Custom graphics,
  • Boosted social media,
  • loyalty from us as we won’t work with your direct competitors,

You could even have a more custom marketing solution with us and add on things like:

  • Appointment setting for B2B leads
  • Targeted email marketing
  • Paid ad campaigns (Google & social media)
  • SEO
  • And more
  Social Media Starter  Social Media Plus Structured Marketing
  Tailored to keep your content fresh, boost engagement and grow your fan base. Tailored to target new audiences, generate leads and a fresh flow of content. Ideal for businesses that are wanting a constant flow of marketing and social media.

£25 a week


£30 a week

Includes everything from social media starter.

£80 a week 

Includes everything from social media plus.

Custom Images/Graphics
Notification Management
Custom Content
Unlimited Posts
Online Growth
7 Days a Week Management
Dedicated Account Manager
Consistent Posting
Progress Reports
Social Ad Campaign Management  
Targeted Campaigns  
Custom Built Landing Pages  
Monthly Newsletters    
Custom Marketing Platform    
Email Marketing Campaigns    
Marketing Progress Reports    

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To talk to us about any of these packages or to create your own custom package to include services such as:

  • Google Ad Campaigns
  • Direct Marketing
  • Marketing Workflow Implementation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Data Cleansing 
  • SEO

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